How To Cancel Google Fiber

How to Cancel Google Fiber Internet Account (Without Fees)

Google Fiber is a popular internet service provider in the United States, known for its fast gigabit internet speeds. However, there may be instances where canceling your Google Fiber service becomes necessary.

Canceling Google Fiber can be done through their website if the service is not installed at your address, or by contacting customer service if Google Fiber is already active.

This guide provides detailed instructions on the proper cancellation process for Google Fiber, ensuring no fees are incurred.

Instructions for canceling Google Fiber if services have not been installed.

There are 9 alternatives to completely canceling Google Fiber service.

How to Cancel Google Fiber?

  • Customers have the option to cancel their Google Fiber service either before or after installation.
  • If service has not been installed, you can login to your Google Fiber account online. From there, go to your account settings and under profile, select the option to cancel fiber service.
  • To cancel your Google Fiber Service if it is already active, please contact Google Fiber support via phone, email, or chat.
  • Please select or inform us of your desired disconnection date.
  • Please ensure that all rented equipment is returned within 60 days to avoid any additional charges.
  • Please complete the payment for the remaining prorated bill in order to successfully cancel.
  • The deactivation will take place on the chosen cancellation date.

Here is a clear step-by-step guide for easy comprehension.

  • Google Fiber Overview
  • Factors to consider for cancelling Google Fiber.
  • Instructions for canceling Google Fiber can be found if services have not been installed.
  • To cancel Google Fiber service, please contact Google Fiber Support if it has already been installed.
  • Return Google Fiber Equipment
  • Google Fiber Cancellation Policies
  • What are the consequences of cancelling Google Fiber?
  • There are options available to modify or terminate your Google Fiber service without fully canceling.
  • Is the Google Nest WiFi Mesh System compatible with Google Fiber?
  • Conclusion
  • Frequently Asked Questions about cancelling Google Fiber.

Google Fiber is currently available in 19 metro areas across the US, providing internet speeds up to 1000 Mbps with no data caps.

Google Fiber offers TV and phone services in certain markets, with pricing that varies depending on location and chosen services, ranging from $50 to $150 per month.

There are various reasons why customers may need to cancel their service.

  • I am no longer within the service area for Google Fiber.
  • Switchingto another internet provider
  • I am unable to afford the monthly expenses anymore.
  • Dissatisfiedwith the service quality

If you decide to cancel your Google Fiber account, make sure to follow the proper procedures and return any rented equipment to avoid additional fees.

You may have a preference for Xfinity instead of Google Fiber. To get a detailed comparison of both services, take a look at Google Fiber vs. Xfinity: Which is The Better Choice?

To cancel your service smoothly, follow these simple steps if services have not been installed yet.

  • Please log in to your Google Fiber account.
  • Please go to your profile settings.
  • Click cancel fiber service.

Step 1: Log in to Your Google Fiber Account

  • To begin, go to the website to access your Google Fiber account.
  • Please log in using your username and password.

Step 2: Navigate to Your Account and then Profile Settings

  • After logging in, navigate to your account page.
  • Please click on the “manage profile” option.

Step 3: Click on “Cancel Fiber Service.”

  • To cancel Fiber Service, click on “Cancel” while on your profile.
  • Clicking on this will direct you to the cancellation page.

Google Fiber offers a convenient option to cancel service directly from your online account.

If you are unable to locate the option to cancel Fiber Service, it is possible that the service is already active at your location. In such cases, please refer to the alternative methods provided below.

To cancel Google Fiber, you can contact the Google customer support team.

  • To speak with a representative, please call (866) 777-7550 for residential or (855) 418-8326 for business.
  • Initiate a live chat session on the support site of your Google Fiber account.
  • Please send a cancellation request via email.

Please ensure that you have your account details readily available regardless of the route you select. A support representative will request this information in order to proceed with the cancellation. Processing may take 1-2 business days.

After canceling your Google Fiber service, it is necessary to return any Google Fiber equipment that you have rented.

  • Fiber jack and router
  • Network box
  • Fiber TV box
  • Any mesh WiFi extenders

Google Fiber customer service offers a prepaid return shipping label via email. Please place the devices back in their original packaging and drop them off at a FedEx location.

All equipment should be returned within 30 days of canceling to avoid potential charges of up to $300 for unreturned equipment.

Google Fiber customer service does not impose a cancellation fee, but it is essential to be familiar with their policies regarding cancellation.

  • Customers are required to return equipment within 60 days or they will be charged non-returned equipment fees.
  • If equipment is not returned on time or is damaged, fees will be incurred: $300 for the storage box and $200 for the network box.
  • Payment for the prorated charges for your final month of service is required.
  • If the cancellation occurs before the completion of installation, there may be a requirement to pay construction fees.
  • Pausing or canceling the TV or phone service will result in the termination of any contracts or promotional pricing.

Please review your contract terms to confirm that there are no additional cancellation fees.

After canceling your service, here is what you can expect.

  • Your account will be deactivated on the selected disconnection date.
  • Your access to Google Fiber internet, TV, and phone services will be discontinued.
  • Your monthly billing and auto-payments will be stopped.
  • TV video-on-demand purchases have the potential to be lost.
  • Your Google Fiber email will be deactivated in the future.

To ensure the preservation of your data, it is advisable to back it up from your Google Fiber account and be ready to transition to a different internet provider if necessary.

Pause Service Temporarily

  • Customers have the option to temporarily suspend service for a maximum of 6 consecutive months.
  • Billing will be temporarily suspended during the paused period.
  • You have the ability to maintain your connection and resume at any time.
  • Your account and email remain active during the pause.

Transfer Service to Another Account

  • If you are moving, it is possible to transfer service to another person at your current address.
  • Before accessing Google Fiber, individuals are required to set up their own account.
  • It is necessary to return any rented equipment.
  • The new account holder begins with a clean slate and no outstanding bills.

Upgrade or Downgrade Your Plan

  • You have the option to change your Google Fiber plan as well.
  • Customers have the option to upgrade to a higher speed tier for enhanced performance.
  • Alternatively, you can choose a lower tier to reduce your monthly expenses.
  • Modifications can be made effortlessly via your online account.

Move Service to a New Address

  • If you are moving within a service area, you have the option to transfer your service to your new address.
  • Begin the process using your online account settings.
  • Google Fiber will handle the installation process at your new home.
  • Your current service will remain in effect until the new activation process is finished.

These options provide the opportunity to make modifications or temporary adjustments to your service without completely canceling it. It’s important to consider any potential impact on your plan rates, contract terms, or setup fees.

The Google Nest WiFi Mesh System is compatible with Google Fiber and can provide seamless coverage and strong internet connectivity throughout your home. According to the Google Fiber Help page, the Nest Wifi Pro connects to the Fiber Jack to provide internet to your home, and customers can connect up to four Nest Wifi Pro points on their network.

Canceling Google Fiber can be a straightforward process if done correctly through your account. It is important to familiarize yourself with their cancellation policies to avoid any additional charges.

This guide provides the necessary steps to smoothly and hassle-free cancel your service.

Below are responses to commonly asked questions regarding the cancellation of Google Fiber.

How much does it cost to cancel Google Fiber?

There is no cancellation fee. To avoid fees, simply pay any remaining bill and return the equipment.

Can I cancel Google Fiber over the phone?

It is possible to call their support line and cancel the service over the phone.

Do I have to return the Google Fiber equipment?

All rented routers, boxes, and other equipment must be returned within 60 days of cancelation.

What if I move and can’t return the equipment?

If you choose to keep any equipment, replacement fees will be charged. Alternatively, if you decide to return the equipment at a later date, you may be responsible for paying for return shipping. Please contact support to make arrangements for equipment retrieval.

Can I pause my Google Fiber service instead?

It is possible to temporarily pause service for a maximum of 6 months instead of completely canceling.